Psychic TV, Suspicious, St. Petersburg 2016

                Two Minute Video for Mx Bushiwick Burlesque Pageant

Telephone Line from Paige A. Flash on Vimeo.

                             Telephone Line - Filmed at Homo Erectus

                           Clips of "Red Light" @ Circus of Dreams 2015

Video performance of my piece "The Box"

"Cult Of Youth - Roses" Live on KEXP Seattle

Harsh Noise Compilation with Cock ESP

Compilation of Performance Art during Future Blondes
NYC shows Oct. 2012

Trailer For Feature Film "Satan Hold My Hand" w/ Paige A. Flash

"Abduction at a noise show" Cock ESP set

Filmed at La Cantada II Paris, France
Music by: Bobby Conn

     Documentary Short on my Lady Shave Piece