My name is Paige A. Flash and I have been living under the moniker of The Reverend Mother Flash since 2006. I am a performer at heart, who carefully constructs conceptual based performances that best reflect my inner world. I have been in the club scene, burlesque scene and live music scene performing my edgy blend of raw energy and unique style of movement. I inspire to give everyone a taste of what it means to be me with this compilation of music, performance, dance, acting and general high jinks. Hopefully you will come see me live as I am locally based in NYC and am also world traveled. Below is a little blurb about my career as an artist, musician and performer. Enjoy!

 Paige A. Flash has lend her artistry to many fields within media. Her entertainment career began in 2000 when she joined the noise group Laundry Room Squelchers. Although a music group first, her entrance helped to inject the stage performance they have now become known for. She later went on to feature in other noise groups, Future Blondes and Cock ESP as a performance artist. In 2005 she made her musical debut as the 2nd cellist of San Francisco Alterna-Queer group Wealthy Whore Entertainment. She became front woman to Attitude Problem from Philidelphia, bass player with NYC group Vulgaras, and multi-media composer for Alpha Fatale. She currently performs with Cult Of Youth, a Brooklyn based post-punk neofolk influenced band.
Her performance art became more distinct, veering away from it's noise roots and music scene when she began working at Jumbo's Clown Room (L.A.) in 2003 who's alumni include Cortney Love. Also in San Francisco she formed the alternative burlesque group The Damnettes, which consisted of choreographed entertainment skits that were conceptual and political in nature. 
Paige took on the moniker Reverend Mother Flash and began producing shows throughout the bay area. In NYC she began performing solo throughout the nightlife scene still as the Reverend Mother Flash. She can be seen at Badass Burlesque and with House of Screwball where she currently holds residencies. She also can be seen gigging at a variety of Manhattan and Brooklyn based venues, Burlesque productions
 and Nightclub events. She is also a writer, director and actress in small budget films as well as works in art department for films that run the gamut from indie to big budget features.

Yours Truely,
Rev. Mother Flash