Psychic TV invited Cult of Youth on stage for their encore song Suspicious 
@ Zal Ojidaniya in St. Petersburg, Russia

Check out  this interview with me for

I'm not angry, I'm just concentrating, lol
Rome, Italy 2015

Cult Of Youth 2015

Cult Of Youth with King Dude 
Red Square, Moscow

Voodoo Ritual Piece
American Horror Story Coven

Performing "Red Light" For


Tooth Box
1st Annual "Vagina Dentata" Competition

BadAss Burlesque "Dark Side of The Rainbow" Show

ARCS Music Video shoot

France 2012 Art Instillation Le Cabaret Organique
Me behind the 3rd wall
Breaking the 4th wall (you're included)

Performance Time

Velocity Chyaldd/Alpha Fatale featuring Rev. Mum Flash 

Performing my Master-bating House-wife piece 


Performing Siouxsie and the Banshees piece: Red Light

Homage To Frank Tovey. He is one of my great inspirations as a performance artist

Images from wife-beater/shit-eater piece


                                Discipline - 6/7/13 "Marie Antoinette in the future" theme

            "The Damnette's" I was Producer and Co-Founder of this performance art troupe 2006

                                                    The Early Years of Noise Performance